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Can Your Coating Do This?

The interior of this vehicle was set on fire several times for the Movie “Are We There Yet?”

Tech Line developed a coating to protect the vehicle interior (custom fiberglass parts installed for the interior) through several fires started and put out so they could do multiple shots.

Tech Line specializes in Coatings not available elsewhere.


JCM Machine


House […]

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Advanced Engineering Technology Conference (AETC)

At this year’s conference will be held in Indianapolis, IN preceding the Performance Racing Industry show. The AETC will hold the conference on Dec 8 and 9 at the Show facility. This year Leonard Warren, the President of Tech Line Coatings, Inc. will be a featured speaker at the Conference. The subject will be: “Coatings to […]

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New GHS Labeling and Safety Data Sheet requirements

Tech Line’s GHS transition is now complete and all hazardous products and samples will be shipped with the new GHS labels. Safety Data Sheets in the new GHS format are also available upon request as well as available on our web site.

GHS, the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals, provides a single […]

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