Liquid2O , also knowen as L2O

Powdr2O Application Procedures   MSDS - PDF


Powder coating is a popular method of protecting and enhancing the appearance of a part. It is a very “Green” technology and the use of this technology is expanding. However there are some applications where the use of Powder Coating is difficult if not impossible.

It has a fair bond to metallic substrates, though the powder is easily damaged prior to baking. Powder Coating of non metallic surfaces is extremely difficult. In addition complex shapes, deep depressions, voids or holes cannot be evenly coated. Generally it is also not possible to multi coat using traditional Powder Coating methods. This situation has been dramatically changed with the introduction of the Liquid2O technology by Tech Line. Now virtually any powder can be mixed in to the L2O carrier and sprayed as conventional water based paint.

The type of substrate is not an issue, multi coats, special effects, and a host of other custom treatments become available with the use of L2O. It is even possible to coat substrates that cannot handle the normal cure temperature, but can handle the very low melt temperatures of most powders.