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The PowerKote line was developed to provide high pressure and high temperature lubrication. PowerKote is available in a standard formulation, DFL-1, that will fit most needs. Versions are available that met FDA guidelines as well as versions where lubrication at temperatures over 1500f are needed. Most lubricants begin to fail at @ 700F; PowerKote will lubricate from sub zero temperatures to well over 2000F. PowerKote is water based and has no solvents and is a zero VOC material. PowerKote can be cured by baking at 300F for 1 hour or where baking of the coated component is not possible allowing PowerKote to air dry is a viable option. The primary curing mechanism is the evaporation of the water. PowerKote has excellent chemical and solvent resistance. Spray from any conventional spray equipment. PowerKote may also be brushed on. PowerKote is also available as a paste where needed.