TECHTREX Product Information

All TECHTREX formulations have excellent chemical and corrosion resistant features. Resistance to specific materials will vary depending on the fillers used.

For more chemical resistance information consult the following pages:
TECHTREX 71000/PEEK CHEMICAL RESISTANCE Thermal Plastic Comparisons
Chemical Resistance of PEEK to Metals,Ceramics and Epoxies

71000 Standard PEEK Dispersion


  • Exceptional chemical, wear, electrical and temperature resistance, as well as dimensional stability and numerous processing capabilities.

72000 containing PFA

  • An excellent release agent and provides a measurably harder surface than TECHTREX 73000

73000 containing PTFE

  • Excellent friction reducing capabilities in low speed low pressure applications
  • Smooth low friction or anti-stiction
  • Better lubrication properties than
    TECHTREX 71000

74000 containing Extreme Wear Resistant fillers

  • Slightly textured, abrasion and wear resistant

75000 containing Extreme Pressure Lubricants

  • Extremely lubricious surface with excellent friction reduction – final coat

76000 containing Ceramic Fillers for maximum hardness and wear.

  • The advanced performance benefits commonly found in molded PEEK with the added benefits of Extreme Pressure Ceramic Fillers, in a spray applied coating


  • Less aggressive, harder, smoother more wear resistant surface than