Product Videos

Watch These Videos to Learn About Our Coatings and for Information on how to apply our coatings


Liquid Powder Base (L2oB)

Brilliance with Carrera LTC

Tech Line Coatings

Piston Top Gold – Thermal Barrier Coating

PowerKote Engine Kit

Tech Line Coatings Performance TV 1905 Motortrend

DiamonDyze Tough as Nails

DiamonDyze – A NEW video about Diamondyze

How To Apply DFL-1

How to Apply DFL-1 Dry Film Lubricant.

Preparation and Application of Cermakrome

Part Preparation and Application Instructions for Cermakrome.

Thermal Dispersant Coatings

Available in air cure and oven bake cure

Internal Engine Coatings

Joe Mondello Talks about his long term experience with our engine coatings


Tech Line Coatings is The Industry Leader in Exhaust Coatings.

Introduction to Diamondyze

DiamonDyzeA breakthrough in colored and hard anodizing

Tech Line Coatings Cermalube

Cermalube Dry Film Lubricant See The Results Demonstrated


Powdr20 – You Can Now Apply Any Powder Coating With Standard Spray Equipment.

LiquiPowder a different way to apply Powder Coating

Powdr20 L2O videoCoating With Standard Spray Equipment


Uses And Application Of Some of Our Coatings.