Heard on the Line…

Josh at JCM Machine and Coatings in House Springs, MO (Again)

“CCL (Cermalube Ceramic Lubricant) is making us money. We make $5000.00 to $6000.00 coating gears with just 1 quart!”

TLCI: Thanks Josh, for your comments and continued support. You can see pictures of Josh’s work on our Facebook page, or his Facebook page.

Feld Entertainment

The Sponsorship agreement with Feld Entertainment, Monster Trucks, is now in its fourth year and the number and type of parts is being expanded as they see significant improvement in function and life of the coated parts. Be sure to follow Grave Digger and Monster Jam on Facebook for all the latest news and highlights from their shows.

You can also check out Engine Armor Coatings on Facebook for pictures of parts they have been coating for Feld. Nice work, guys!

Joe Mondello Racing Engines

“We exclusively use Tech Line Coating’s products with a massive amount of success.”

JMRE has been using Tech Line Coatings for nearly 30 years! They are still doing state of the art work and are using several different high performance engine coatings for both internal and external to help your engine make the most power it can and get the longest life possible at your given performance level.
Check out their Facebook photo album for many examples of the beautiful work they do with Tech Line Coatings.


TLTD (Thermal Dispersant Coating) Test at Mondello Racing Engines

A follow up to the TLTD coated carburetor test.

We used James’ Camaro and ran the engine with the car parked, so no significant air flow, with the two Holley fuel bowls not coated, just the main body and the metering blocks. The manifold was painted, not coated, black as in the previous test. After about 2 minutes of running in 85°F weather, the manifold reached a temperature of 138°F. The uncoated fuel bowls were 115°F just from radiated heat. The TLTD coated body and metering blocks fluctuated from 85°F to 89°F. In effect, the carb body was shedding heat so fast it remained at ambient. Photos below and we will have a short (very short) video on our website, our Facebook page and YouTube shortly.

Original Full Coated @70°F drop

You can well imagine how managing heat like that will improve performance and fuel use.

We have lots of exciting things coming up. Some new products to be rolled out in time for the SEMA show (including something for the “do-it-yourselfers”) and a new, improved website.

If you are a shop, we would like to see pictures and videos of the work you are doing with Tech Line Coatings. Be sure to Like FB and post regularly. We might just feature you in a future newsletter.

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