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Coatings For Wood

Tech Line manufacturers a variety of Coatings for application to wood. These include Appearance, Chemical Resistance, Corrosion Resistance and more. These coatings can be used on applications from Construction to Marine. Certain formulations allow for a clear ceramic seal coat to be applied. Others can impart a variety of colors and finishes. Resistance to water and chemicals is also a strength of these types of coatings. This also leads to easy cleaning and a reduction in biological growth like mold. Thermal Protection is also possible where a wooden component may be near a heat source. Lubrication to resist wear where sliding movement may be encountered.

Such coatings are constantly being formulated and tested for new applications. The impetus for such development comes mainly from new applications that our customers find a need for. Please fell free to ask about coatings under development. If you have an application that appears to require a new formulation, please contact our technical department.

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