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Release Coatings

Tech Line manufacturers a wide variety of Coatings that modify surfaces; Release or Non-Stick Coatings are available. In addition the Coatings will have additional properties that are beneficial and improve not just the function but in many cases the life of the coated component. In some instances there will be a need for higher temperature capabilities such as the Coatings Tech Line has supplied for years for Catalytic Converter clamps. In other cases less heat will be experienced but the release must be consistent over the surface such as in injection molding applications where exact reproduction with no surface flaws is critical. In certain case, like the use of Lead Free Solder the ability of the coating must include chemical resistance as well as a Non-stick quality. In the Solder application the chemical resistant capability is critical. In addition the ability to keep biological growth from forming is important and that quality can be built into several of the Coatings.




Carrera LTC

Carrera LTMC



Custom Formulations are available.