Appearance Coatings

Tech Line manufacturers a wide variety of Coatings to provide enhanced appearance for parts or structures. In addition they can also protect against Chemical, Corrosion and Biological Growth issues. High Temperature Coatings can also be used to color and identify lines or pipes carrying hot gases or fluids. A wide variety of colors are available including polished metal finishes and clear. One system allows the repair of surface imperfections so that a part may be electro-statically Powder Coated right over the repair coating as it is conductive. One system has been used on large structures such as those near an Ocean where salty corrosion is an issue and the actual color is not critical but a surface that looks nice and is not readily subject to rust or corrosion. Others can be used to color bright or polished surfaces with minimal surface preparation that does not impact the desired surface finish/appearance and the colors available or virtually limitless as basic colored additives are available that allows the applicator to create colors. The number of coats applied determines the final density/shade of the color. Cure temperatures can range from ambient cure to as much as 400C/750F. depending on the Coating System needed.


CermaKrome (MCX) is the most advanced aluminum filled metallic ceramic coating currently available. MCX has been tested in excess of 6500 hours to ASTM B117 with NO failure. This is the highest rating in the industry for such coatings. MCX provides a near chrome finish that holds its shine longer than any similar coating. No similar coating has a higher temperature capability and wear life is exceptional, exceeding CermaKrome’s nearest competitor by over twice the life, in independent testing. Water based with no volatile organic compounds (VOC). Cure temperature is 500°F for 1 hour. For special needs a catalyzed formulation that will cure at 375°F is available (MCX-375). MCX bonds to most metals, though it is NOT recommended for magnesium. MCX is also available in a “low humidity” version, (MCXLH) that allows proper application and drying when the humidity is low. Both MCX and MCXLH are very effective thermal barriers.

After curing, MCX requires “burnishing” to be sealed. This burnishing process can produce a very high luster, near chrome, appearance. MCX cures out to a very hard surface with excellent adhesion. The water based solvent system provides for an environmentally friendly material with a bake/cure cycle that is not as hazardous as other thermally cured resin systems.

  • Protective to over 1300°F Base Metal Temperature
    • Maintains adhesion at environmental temperatures up to 2000°F.
  • Designed for single coat coverage (.001″ to .0015″)
    • Can be applied in a thicker film without cracking or flaking (.0018″ to .0020″).
  • High Corrosion Resistance
    • 6500 Hour Salt Spray ASTM B117.
  • May be applied over MCS to withstand higher substrate temperatures.
  • Water based, non flammable, no V.O.C.’s.
    • Requires oven curing at 500°F for 1 hour.
    • Easy cleanup with water.

Part #MCX available in Quart & Gallon. Available to professional applicators only.


CermaKrome – Low Humidity Formula (MCX-LH) has all the characteristics of MCX above and is formulated for improved application in low humidity environments with additives for improved flow and to prevent hard packing of the solids.

  • Water based, non flammable, no V.O.C.’s.
    • Requires oven curing at 500°F for 1 hour.
    • Easy cleanup with water.

Part #MCX-LH available in Quart & Gallon. Available to professional applicators only.

Part #MCX-LH-F is also for low humidity environments without the additives. Available in Quart & Gallon to professional applicators only.


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Custom Formulations are available