Usually an industrial coating is used for protective, rather than aesthetic properties. However sometimes appearance is important in such cases as corrosion control of visible steel structures, bridges and pipelines.Read More
Applications that demand safe and consistent function in the presence of environmental and industrial chemicals will benefit from Techline Coatings extensive selection of chemical resistant coatings.Read More
The use of composite materials is increasing in a number of applications in a broad range of industries. The application of coatings to composite substrates can improve performance.Read More
High temperature processes are present in many of today‚Äôs industrial facilities. All will have Electrical Equipment, Motors, Vessels, Valves, Pipework, Pumps, Radiators and other equipment operating at elevated temperatures …Read More
Dry film lubricants are an attractive alternative to fluid lubricants for minimizing friction and preventing seizing and galling,…Read More
Coatings to impede or accelerate the flow of current are critical, both from a safety and functional perspective. In addition such coatings require good corrosion and chemical resistance to maintain the desired characteristics.Read More

Coatings with corrosion resistance to prolong the life and protect the integrity of your part.

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Release coatings are designed for a wide range of normal and industrial applications.

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Being an absorbent fibrous material, wood has traditionally meant constant high maintenance, particularly for the marine user.Read More