Specialty Coatings

Tech Line Coatings Inc. manufactures a variety of coatings that fit no specific category. Listed below are such “Specialty Coatings.” Such coatings are constantly being formulated and tested for new applications. The impetus for such development comes mainly from new applications that our customers find a need for. Please fell free to ask about coatings under development. If you have an application that appears to require a new formulation, please contact our technical department.

L2O LiquiPowdr:

  • Designed to allow Powder Coating Powders, to be applied to any material.
  •  A non hazardous water based carrier that does not require electrostatic application. Simply apply like normal paint, dry and then cure. In certain instances where the substrate will not handle the cure temperature a simple melt and then top coating with Repelo LTC will provide a surface finish with properties superior to powder alone.
  • Normally applied with standard spray guns using a 1.8mm nozzle or larger.
  • L2O allows for multiple coats to be applied and special effects to be incorporated, which normal powders do not allow for.
  • Can be used as a base coat and powder blown over it to create a unique finish and allows the applicator to use normal electric static application equipment even on non conductive materials.
  • Additional dry paint pigments, metal flakes and Pearls can be added to a clear Powder to create custom effects.


  • Designed to reduce thermal transfer.
  • Excellent for floor boards and firewalls to reduce heat transfer.
  • Reflective to heat.
  • Excellent thermal barrier.
  • Requires no baking, air dries.


  • Designed to reduce friction and cavitation on water, snow or ice.
  • Use on boat hulls, water skis, personal watercraft.
  • May be used on equipment slides or other parts subject to friction and galling.
  • Corrosion resistant.
  • Spray or brush on.
  • Requires no baking, air dries.

Repelo LTC/Brilliance

Repelo LTMC