Advanced Technology Lubricants

Tech Line’s GEL TECH™ lubricants are specially formulated to provide Ultra High Anti-Wear and Anti-Scuff properties.


Ultra Gel Tech™ Assembly Lubricant

This is an assembly lube and originally developed for Top Fuel applications and is used by Top Fuel teams for the protection it offers. UGT is used in all forms of Performance applications

  • Extreme load lubricant.
    • Protects bearings, cam, crank, valve stems, push rod ends, lifters, etc.
  • Suitable for all types of engines.

Part #UGT available in 3-ounce, 8-ounce & Quart.

Ring Seal Improver™

RSI: This patented material is designed to improve Ring Seal, protect the Rings during start up and provide advanced lubrication that will not flow off if the treated parts are left in place for a substantial length of time, unlike other fluids currently used. RSI can also be applied to assembled engines through the spark plug hole, allowing assembled engines to benefit from the technology.

  • Advanced lubricant designed to be used prior to assembly by applying it in the gap between the piston and cylinder wall providing improved start up protection and ring sealing.
    • Will improve the seal on engines that have not been started for some time by applying it through the spark plug hole.
  • RSI simply becomes part of the oil once oil flow is established and will provide additional protection to other oil-lubricated parts.

Part #RSI available in 8-ounce and 16-ounce bottles.


PKSX™ is a dry powder that has been modified to allow it to be applied to virtually any surface subject to friction. The material simply buffs on and adds no significant dimensional growth (@25 millionths of an inch) and will reduce friction and wear. PKSX™ is designed to be applied to any part, as well as over any Coatings that have been applied. It is bonded by friction and pressure and can be rubbed on to any part by hand or through the use of a buffing unit.

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