Tech Line specializes in the manufacturer of Thermal Management Coatings for Brake systems and Wheels.

These coatings will reduce the caliper temperature as well as the bearing temperature and even wheel/tire temperatures. This leads to better braking and extended part life.

The coatings can be done as a complete package or for individual pieces. Below we will discuss each part and the coatings needed and their effect.

Brake Pads: These can have the backing plate coated with TLHB (or CBC1 a retail product) reducing the heat transfer through the pad to the caliper.

Rotor: The non contact Rotor surfaces can be coated with two coatings if a single Rotor/Hub assembly or if a two part assembly. The exterior surfaces (Non contact) and any cooling passages of the Rotor would be coated with TLTD to rapidly radiate heat away from/out of the Rotor, reducing the Rotor Temperature. The hub interior surfaces can be coated with TLHB to reduce the heat transferred from the Rotor from impacting the bearings. The Hub exterior surfaces can be coated with TLTD to help reduce the temperature of the Hub.

Caliper: The interior surface of the Caliper can be coated with TLHB (Or CBC1 a retail product) to reduce the heat that enters the Caliper. The exterior would be coated with TLTD (Only one bake required when using with TLHB as the coatings are compatible) to aid in the cooling of the caliper. The piston(s) can also be coated with a dry film like C-Lube and the bore with PKSX which improves the sealing ability of the seal and wear of the seal.



Carrera TD

CBC1 (retail)