High Performance Coatings

TECH LINE makes available a full range of power enhancing coatings for internal engine parts. Our coatings are available to professional coating shops. Hundreds of professional coating shops worldwide are using TECH LINE coatings.Read More
Exhaust System Coatings are designed to maintain adhesion at temperatures above the normal operating range of an exhaust system. Temperatures given usually refer to the base metal temperature that a coating can normally be expected to handle.Read More

GEL TECH lubricants are specially formulated to provide Ultra High Anti-Wear and Anti-Scuff properties. Protects bearings, cam, crank, valve stems, push rod ends, lifters etc.
THE choice for Top Fuel and Alcohol. Suitable for all types of engines.

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Brake systems show significant benefit when coating technology is applied. Braking efficiency can be increased through reducing the transfer of heat from the rotor/pad interface.Read More
TECH LINE manufactures a variety of coatings that fit no specific category. The impetus for such development comes mainly from new applications that our customers find a need for.Read More
TECH LINE specializes in the manufacture of Thermal Management Coatings. Managing heat not only extends the life of a device but also improves performance.Read More
DiamonDyze is a break through in colored and hard anodizing. This advanced ceramic formulation provides color, extreme wear, thermal, chemical, and corrosion resistance in one simple step.Read More