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March 2018

Piston Top Gold Thermal Barrier VS Flame Torch

Did You Know?

Imagine the tough life of pistons. they are subject to tremendous force and heat. A piston itself may reach temperatures of over 600oF. So, what’s going to protect these hard-working engine parts from overheating?
Why not check out the video below from Emit Auto and see?

Piston Top Gold Vs Flame

This video shows what happens when a blow torch with a 2000oF flame battles our Piston Top Gold Thermal Barrier.

When the carbon settles (or is just wiped off), the winner is clear. We can see that in the end, the carbon is easily wiped off the piston head with no damage to the coating or piston. That’s some tough stuff.

So, what can Piston Top Gold do for you? Here are some benefits of our coating:

  • Originally developed for top fuel racing engines. It may be used on any combustion chamber surface in any type of engine.
  • Evenly distributes heat, reduces hot spots, aids in flame travel, and combustion.
  • Reduces the amount of heat the incoming air/fuel mix absorbs, thus reducing the potential for detonation.
  • Sheds carbon, reduces carbon buildup.

If you are in need of a thermal dispersant as well, our TL series also includes our Thermal Dispersant(TLTD) in black or dark gray.

  • Thin film technology won’t reduce surface area.
  • Handles 700oF substrate temperature, 1000oF intermittent environmental temperature.
  • Excellent corrosion protection, and it enhances appearance while extending shelf life.




Thermal Barrier

The Fire Rages On…

Do you remember this scene from “Are We There Yet”? The interior of the SUV was coated with our products so that they could retake the scene multiple times.

We can help you with different projects and create a custom blend for you. We do not recommend blowing up cars just to test our products, however…

How About A Job With Less Fire But Still Just As Creative?

Our products are very versatile and cover a wide range of applications. Check out this job from our friends at Ceramic Coat Australia:

“Here is something different, we love special jobs like these. It’s a galv steel rose that we made a customer. We coated it with #techlinecoatings Repello LTC with tint in red and green.”

So let your imagination run wild.

Repelo LTC is a clear ceramic coating capable of providing extremely high levels of chemical, corrosion, and thermal protection in very thin films. It can be air cured to a very hard, smooth surface with excellent adhesion. It also provides excellent UV protection.

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