System Coatings

TECH LINE exhaust system coatings are designed to maintain adhesion at temperatures above the normal operating range of an exhaust system. Unless otherwise indicated temperatures given refer to the base metal temperature that a coating can normally be expected to handle. Depending on the resin system, TECH LINE coatings designed for exhaust systems, can handle base metal temperatures in excess of 2000F. Color change can be expected at lower temperatures with many of the coatings. A color change does not necessarily reflect a failure of the coating, as color stability is secondary to the protective function. Several colors have maintained color stability, to base metal temperatures in excess of 1600F. The use of multiple coats including MCS™ can raise the color stability of all exhaust system coatings.


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Engine Coatings

TECH LINE makes available a full range of power enhancing coatings for internal engine parts that can be applied at home. These coatings are the same products being applied by professional coating shops and give the individual the opportunity to benefit from this advanced technology at a cost and time savings. For those who do not wish to do their own coating work, or wish to have TECH LINE specialty coatings applied, hundreds of professional coating shops worldwide apply TECH LINE coatings.

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Gear Lubricants

GEL TECH lubricants are specially formulated to provide Ultra High Anti Wear and Anti Scuff properties.

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System Coatings

Brake systems show significant benefit when coating technology is applied. Braking efficiency can be increased through reducing the transfer of heat from the rotor/pad interface. Caliper and brake fluid temperatures can be significantly reduced with an attendant increase in brake performance. Rotor and wheel bearing temperatures can also be reduced, as well as the attendant thermal transfer to the wheel/tire assembly. Lubricants on piston and bore can reduce seal wear and leakage.


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TECH LINE COATINGS, INC. manufacturers a variety of coatings that fit no specific category. Listed below are such "Specialty Coatings". Such coatings are constantly being formulated and tested for new applications. The impetus for such development comes mainly from new applications that our customers find a need for. Please fell free to ask about coatings under development. If you have an application that appears to require a new formulation, please contact our technical department.


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