GEL TECH  lubricants are specially formulated to provide Ultra High Anti Wear and Anti Scuff properties.



ULTRA GEL TECH  Assembly Lubricant

  • Extreme load lubricant.
  • Protects bearings, cam, crank, valve stems, push rod ends, lifters etc..
  • THE choice for Top Fuel and Alcohol.
  • Suitable for all types of engines, two of four stroke, rotary, supercharged, turbo charged or normally aspirated.

ULTRA X  Gear Lubricant

  • Light weight / high pressure lubricant.
  • Use in drag racing applications for less friction and drag.
  • Excellent in Std transmissions using ATF.
  • Reduces friction and drag.
  • May be used in power steering units. Excellent for Circle Track and Off Road applications.



Ring Sealer (RSI) NEW

  • Improve Ring Seal
  • Improve leak down 
  • Improve Power 
  • Extend Engine Life 





Ring Sealer Information sheet



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