TECH LINE COATINGS, INC. was established to bring the advantages of Aerospace coating technology to the automotive aftermarket.


Rather than simply utilize already existing coatings, as many companies have, TECH LINE has modified formulas and created new ones to fit the specific needs of the Performance Vehicle. A rigorous testing program, including both lab and track testing is carried out to assure that the coatings will meet the necessary standards.



  Performance Coatings fall
into four general categories
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Dry Film Lubricants

Thermal  Dispersants

Thermal Barrier Coatings

Corrosion/Chemical Resistant


In addition TECH LINE recognized that for the greatest benefit to be realized, coatings would have to be made available in the local market. Time and cost constraints make it difficult for many to have coatings applied to their components. TECH LINE has taken the lead in developing user applicable coatings.

Now many coatings produced by TECH LINE are available in a "Coat-It-Yourself" formulation. While certain coatings are restricted to professional applicators, manufacturers, engine builders and machine shops, the number of companies bringing these products in house, for the benefit of their customers, is increasing rapidly. At TECH LINE we are constantly modifying existing formulas and developing new ones to fit specific needs.

While we know we have the best materials currently available, we also recognize that development must and will continue, and we intend to keep our position in the forefront of such development. In addition,  practical new formulations are being developed with environmental considerations in mind. Low VOC, as well as water based formulas have and are being developed.


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